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About Evrmrk

your dedicated marketing team providing integrated services, Software, and Consulting that help you engage your audience, acquire new customers, and retain your existing base.

We do more than just give you ideas.

We actively work to bring your ideas to life.

We don't hide behind marketing lingo and our pricing is simple.

-- Corey S. Scott, CEO of Evrmrk--

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Hire us to handle marketing for your business. You'll be (extremely) happy you did.

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Our Testimonials

  • We started out using Evrmrk as our email marketing company and we've now grown to include social media, website redesign, video/photography and we run most of our marketing ideas through Evrmrk for review. We feel we have grown tremendously this year due to Evrmrk leading us in the right direction.

    Medical Spa Owner in Cherry Creek, CO
  • Dealing with Evrmrk is like a breath of fresh air. Having been a business owner and going through a treacherous experience with web design, marketing and general graphic design, Corey and his team have made this a wonderful experience and you would be lucky to work with them. They are experienced, efficient and professional. I highly recommend Evrmrk for all and any of your marketing needs.

    Medical Spa Director in Carlsbad, CA
  • Evrmrk is helping me with the rebranding of my medical spa, the website, our email marketing campaigns, he's helped us with online purchasing for our services and our products which we've never had before. And, I've just been absolutely delighted with Evrmrk and with Corey. I've worked with marketing companies in the past and they've really drained me, they've taken up a lot of my time and a lot my money. I was honestly a little gun shy about working with another marketing company but I just feel that Corey gets the job done when I'm really busy running my business and I don't have to worry about the work getting done when I'm not available. When I am available, Corey reviews his work with me and we make a lot of progress and we make progress quickly. For any busy entrepreneur who wants to add someone to their team that can get the job done without a lot of daily input, I would really recommend working with Evrmrk. They just take the ball and they run with it and they will help your business grow like they've helped my business grow.

    Medical Spa CEO in Olney, MD
  • We have been very pleased with Evrmrk. Corey Scott, has made this such an easy tool to incorporate into our business, having someone there a phone call away to take over the marketing side of our deals with ease. I have noticed that you can control the increase in business and the prices, so your clientele can return and take advantage of promotions that are limited in availability. Each deal has been very profitable and we have had successful responses from all of our clientele who have used it.

    Medical Spa Owner in Broomfield, CO
  • Corey and the staff at Evrmrk have been exceptional! When we were new clients, Corey went above and beyond our expectations; he made effort to call me on a daily basis to make sure I had the best understanding and use of their system. We have had great response to the emails and promotions that we have offered through them. Much better than we have ever received on our own. They have been a good investment in our company's future.

    Esthetician & Spa Owner in Greenwood Village, CO
  • …The email works great and the website looks terrific! I definitely…You are a pleasure to work with, and believe it or not, that is such a refreshing change! Thank you.

    Medical Spa Owner in Falls Church, VA

Hire us to handle marketing for your business and we'll manage your brand & graphic design, content marketing, blogging, video marketing, photo marketing, website marketing, social media marketing, search engine marketing, direct marketing, and more.


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